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  1. I agree dont know why his here. I'm in the same boat as you are. I'm really trying to become a tech, and considering just doing the tint as a business on the side for now so how did you market, do you use a plotter? Good to hear you're doing good
  2. Dude im in the same boat. So heres my advice. Look at how many cars they sell and which cars are gonna have tint. The dealership I work at is selling roughly 150 new cars a month. They don't want the used cars tinted just the new ones from those they only actually collect on 50% the rest they have to give away cuss some people refuse to pay or just don't want the tint. So on avg I pre load 100 a month but they only actually get a return on 50%. It's 3m film which is not cheap at cost to the dealer. Also look at how much tinters make in your area on avg, around here it's 45k top earners make 90k. I made 35k but I only work 62 hours are most and every year it's less this year I'm barely gonna make 29k so I would asses how skilled you are if your really good I would say between 18 and 25 an hour is fair. Basically don't do it for less than 45k because believe it won't be worth. I hope it helps hmu if you want more details.
  3. Tinting has changed back in the day like wayyyyy back they used to take out windows. It's not necessary anymore. I do know guys that do it. for example I recently had to do an 83 k6 and my friend wanted to pull out the window, we didn't and it turned out great. Techniques have changed and and it's absolutely not necessary with today's cars. So idk me personally I wouldn't need to do it knowing how to trim rubbers really help. Truly idk who would do it on any car from the 80s forward. I've done classic cars to and still didn't have to pull out a window. Sooooooooooo[emoji1745]
  4. Unfortunately it was the tinter who caused it. I do accords all day long and Ive noticed the glass on these cars sratch very easily. Sorry to hear
  5. Oh and also make sure your peel board is clean what else......oh practice homie it'll come in time. But clean your fingers right before you install. Hope I kinda made sense
  6. True you can tell if it's crystalline. 150 for the w.s. is cheap a.f. it's normally 300. I'm in California.
  7. 300 not bad. It looks like it would of cost more
  8. Hmm let's be real Frankie is easier but the reverse is a def like an extra tool in the tool belt. Also imo any experienced tinter shouldn't get debris on the reverse.
  9. All I can say is it can be done in one piece. [emoji1280]️
  10. You obviously didn't read what I posted. And you pretty much proved my point, it's not worth it unless you own and even then it's not like your gonna do 30 cars a month out the gate that's why I said you have to save up. And how do you know I'm not dedicated or my skills aren't there, that was offensive.
  11. So if you're a tech why tint. Are you tinting to add some extra money. I don't think it's the same thing. The idea is mostly everyone here are ft tinters not side job or "whenever a car comes in tinter" Also what kinda of tech are you. A lube tech or mechanic? Most.... actuall all the techs and mechanics wouldn't do my job. They have zero respect for it. And as they told me it's a waste of time. I'm just wondering what your planning to do in a year or two, are you gonna be a full time tinter or a mechanic. You see unless you own a shop tinting is a dead end job where most employers don't pay benefits. And a typical work week is 60 hours. As a opposed to a job like mechanic where you do have benefits typical work week is 40 hours and anything over is o.t. I personally don't feel tint is worth it. I'm just stuck in this job and can't really do anything else. I want to become an owner but I gotta save some [emoji383] its really the only way at this point. Sorry for the long ass rant. I was just confused by your post. Thx
  12. Dang this is sad. We really need to raise the standards on this forum. Things like this can't possibly be helping our industry.smh
  13. I think I'm getting screwed I only get paid my hourly plus 20 dollars a car. But also I make my own schedule work an avg of 25 hours a week no more than 32. I get vacay pay holiday pay sick pay and health benefits. Been there roughly 2 years and haven't made over 35k annually. I'm just putting what I've experienced out there.