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  1. Thanks! I'm a nubie... Where can I buy that?
  2. Hey guys, I would love to learn to tint, and I don't want to break the bank while learning. But I don't either want to use Walmart stuff. Can someone please recommend a quality tint roll I can order online that'll be enough to do the rear and 4 side windows of a 2012 Maxima, for around $50? I saw this guy on eBay named hitechvaper selling 3m stuff for cheap, but I'm scared it's fake. Thanks!
  3. eBay seller is closeoutmod and has pet good ratings... But what would I know? I'm a noob! https://ebay.com/usr/closeoutmod
  4. Why is the rear window so hard? (Not like I think it'll be easy)... As for tools, I already own everything but the squeegees and flat card. Also, I checked express films and it seems like I can only purchase 100 ft. Rolls... Would you recommend any of the films I mentioned in my first post?
  5. I'm able to get a 40 inch x 10 ft roll of each of those for $40. Cars a black 2011 Nissan Maxima SV. I am very patient and have plenty of time to do it right.
  6. Yup DIY. Would there be any reason to get the ceramics over the basic 3m films? Also, does metallic film really interfere with wireless/GPS signals?
  7. I am considering buying a roll of 35 vht tint on eBay or Amazon, and am curious about the following brands I found. I'm not looking to spend a lot, and am trying to get the most bang for my buck. My findings: Madico wincos ceramic series Solar Gard ultra performance nano ceramic Johnson window films insulatir nano ceramic 3M FX-HP high performance 3m fx-st standard All are around the same price. Any recommendations?