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  1. Hello, I know some of you all remove door panels to tint, and some don't. If I removed my door panels before taking my vehicle to get tinted, do you think the guy doing the job would have an easier time regardless of whether or not he normally removes them? I'll do it if that means he'll be able to do his best work.
  2. I talked to my credit card company about the dispute process. They said to make it a better case I should go to another tint shop and have them write a letter stating what is wrong, and why it should be fixed etc. I guess I'll search around for a well rated shop in the area, but if someone came into your guys' shops would you do that for them?
  3. Thanks for the advice. The next closest Llumar SelectPro shop is 2 and 1/2 hours away from me unfortunately.
  4. Just had a terrible phone call with the shop. I said there are still issues and I just want a refund and removal. The tech asked what the issue was so I told him there is debris under the quarter and the passenger window alignment seems off. He says to bring it by and they will fix it I say we tried that once already and I'm not happy with the results he says we're not gonna refund you or remove the tint for free I say look I'm not trying to be a dick he says you are being a dick I say the bottom line is I'm not happy with the job he says bring it back and we'll fix it and hangs up ffs how am I supposed to proceed. He had an attitude the whole time, I tried to be chill but he wasn't having it. The receptionist also lied and said I told the tech I was completely happy with the job when I left last week but I never even talked with anyone except the receptionist who handed me the keys.
  5. On a new tint, what would be used instead of adhesive remover? Just steam?
  6. Hampton Roads area of VA, and looking for recommendations for a good tinter in the area.
  7. Welp, I think I'm just going to go back and ask for a removal and refund. After I got my car back last time it had a pretty strong chemical odor for a few days, what is the standard removal procedure? Anyway, the initial miscut window now has a noticeably larger gap to the top than any other window (I know it's out of focus but I think the issue can still be seen). The quarter they replaced that had a massive hair now has tons of debris spots and a ragged edge. Link to original thread:
  8. Uh no I don't think it was you at the place I went... As an update, they redid the back window, quarter window and miscut window. They did not do the other quarter window even though I asked them to since it has 11 bubbles. I'm still not impressed but I guess I'll give it a couple weeks and see if some of the trouble spots resolve.
  9. Updated original post with a couple other pictures, I don't even want to take it back to these guys now that I took another look around...
  10. I called them and they said I had to bring it in so they could inspect it and then we could setup an appointment. It's 40 mins both ways so I asked if they could just do it while I was there. I get to go back next week.
  11. Thanks for the quick feedback everyone.
  12. Hello, a couple weeks ago I got a FormulaOne Pinnacle tint job on a CR-V. On the passenger's side back window toward the top back of the window, the film is miscut slightly. It does not curve nicely with the window like all the others. It's not cut so badly that light shows through when the windows are up, but when I have them down it seems pretty obvious there was a small imperfection. I am wondering if it is something I should ask them to replace or if it would be petty? Additionally, there are a few small bubbles remaining which I expect will go away, but some of them have debris underneath so they will be permanent. What's the protocol for that? Just something I should live with? Thanks. edit: I'm starting to get a little upset now that I'm taking a closer look around the car. I mean for $615 I expect better work. I chose this shop because they were the only "certified" installer in the area. The back window has a ton of small air pockets and it looks like it's peeling at the bottom. The back side window has a major streak. How am I even supposed to have confidence in these people to fix the problem if this is how they left me the first time?