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  1. the shop i called about photosync quoted me 150 each door or 850 for the whole car. He said its the best tint around bs or not?
  2. also just found out about spectra photosync, is it better than the others listed??
  3. How bad is the signal interference with the Huper drei???
  4. Im going to be tinting my subaru outback in one of these, which one should I do and why? I know the stratos is really new so theres not really that many real world reviews yet but judging by the specs which one should I go with. I called 2 shops one is a f1 certified dealer that quoted me 450 for the whole car. The other is huper optik dealer, he said if I wanted the best protection I should go with the drei for 650$. Is the drei the best or should I ask for HP ceramic? I just want the best overall heat reduction i live in az with 110~ temperatures any input is appreciated!