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  1. VisualTinter


  2. In development of a tool holder that will eliminate aprons. What tools do you use when you install PPF?
  3. Not trying to sell here but would like your honest opinion. I develop a program called Visual Tinter for tint shops. It was the first tint simulator that all the tint manufactures tried to copy. I know there are two kinds of people that sell tint. Ones that think everyone knows what they want and they don't need sales tools and those that know anything that is a sales tool (heat boxes, film samples and tint simulators) helps sales. I've tinted for 18 of 30 years in the industry and I used it in my shop for a decade. So what I would like to know is what do you think about our software, pros and cons. What do you think it is worth. Do you see value in the way of getting referrals, upgrades and saving time with the decision making process (which is what I discovered using it in my shop). I made my software to make a different living than tinting full time but I also started selling it to other shops (none in my area, haha) to help them increase sales, help with upgrades and save time with the decision making process with their customers. If you would take a moment to check out our demo and let me know what you think about it, I would appreciate your feedback. Here is a link to our demo. The only thing not available on our demo is customizing the film brands and adding your pricing which you can do with the full version. You can also brand your version with your business logo. Any feedback is appreciated.
  4. Draw a murder person chalk outline in front and put up police tape. You'll keep people from parking there but might attract people and new customers....
  5. Yeah my mom has the feeders as well. She loves those things.
  6. Yeah that's what I'm doing right now. Something going on while I do monotonous stuff. Boo Nah......
  7. Doing well. Adding vehicles to our tint software and watching Rick & Morty.
  8. Looking for someone who knows tint and the industry to produce sales on our sales tool & management software. Great hours and pay for the right person. Please DM me if interested for more information.
  9. Well your perfection is up the what car manufacture that made the matrix. Some makes can be very bumpy with not only a raised matrix but imperfections that act like a piece of sand or dirt making it almost impossible to lay it flat with out sanding or some method of smoothing down the teflon. The paint itself is more like a non stick surface anyways. So I would explain that to your customers because Fords, Volkswagens and a lot of other vehicle makes have horrible matrix surfaces. Plus on top of that in the area where the clear dots between the matrix are smaller, theres less likely a chance the tint will conform to meet the glass. What model of car is that in the images?
  10. Visual Tinter is a great sales tool that will display any brand of tint or brands of tint you install on a professional representation of your customers vehicle. This will increase sales by referrals, upgrading to a better type of tint and saving time with your customers decision making process which will set you apart from your completion. What separates us from manufactures tint simulators is our system is accurate as opposed to all others which are not. Our system also works on any device so you can show your customers in your showroom or on your website or while you are out and about. Our program pays for itself and we can prove it by setting you up with a customized version which you can brand with your business logo right on the interface. Try our fully working system and see it in action and see what it can do for your business. Just click the image for a instructional video or go directly to our demo. Todd Gaines General manager Visual Tinter 409-363-1434
  11. I have two rolls of film left over from my shop. One is a Madico CH 35 PS SR 40" 100' roll and the other is Madico CH 20 PS SR 40" 100' roll. Asking 225.00 each.
  12. Hello, Our Visual Tinter realtime 3D software is the real thing. Stunning graphics. See how the tint looks from the outside or sit in the car. Inventory and pricing built right into the system. Configure the types of tint and brands that you carry on hand rather than a bunch of tints you don't. Check out a preview of our 3D system and see how you can gain access for free. Call us at 1-409-363-1434 or visit our site You can also check out our 2D tint demo here. Visual Tinter 2018 Demo. This is a preview of Visual Tinter 3D beta. Offering more than just tint. Our 2D system Please contact me with any questions. Todd Gaines
  13. Luiss is right about Stihl. They are originally a German made chainsaw. I have one as well. Great saw.