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    Bubbles reacted to glasstint in What did you tint today?   
    Hello everyone!
    We are GLASSTINT, a premium car window tint company in Seoul, South Korea.
    Last premium car we tinted was a Ferrari Portofino.
    Windshield: Shure X 32%
    Side windows: Shure X 12%

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    Bubbles reacted to pbalentine in Tesla mode 3 back window size   
    One from last week with 35 & 18 CXP. 

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    Bubbles reacted to no ma'am in Newbie wanting to practice. What tint can I buy online?   
    Express. Click link at top of page under film/inventory. Buy classic black in 25/50 ft lengths 40in and maybe 20in for doors. You can split 40, for car and some truck doors.
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    Bubbles reacted to Midtown Houston in Did I get a bad tint job on my car?   
    It look good to me...don’t pick this guy apart because you want it closer to the edge...we charge additional $25 for shave top each glass.  For all the tinter here...we suppose to support each other and not tear another tinter apart. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it. 
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    Bubbles reacted to ErieTint in Huge Shoutout and Thanks   
    Just wanted to say thanks @OverLord for his huge HUGE help on a 1995 C4 Corvette back hatch yesterday.
    Burned up a couple pieces of (ceramic) film on my own and became super frustrated. Car has been sitting in my shop for a week while I mentally cooled down and debated how much more film I wanted to trash.
    David was nice enough to stop by the shop and lend me a hand. When I say lend I mean he drove well over an hour each way to school me on how to tint a 'Vette.
    I've not been doing this as long as a lot of you but days like yesterday give me hope. This truly is an industry of sharing knowledge and helping your fellow tinter. Hopefully I can put in as many successful years as some of the guys here.
    Appreciate the help man, more than you can imagine. Tell Ann thanks too for being patient with us. My fiancé gets antsy when its "guy time" because she knows the clock almost seems to stop.
    Next time we will have to catch up for something less work related, maybe when @jh812 is back in this neck of the woods.
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    Bubbles got a reaction from CaliTINT in Tint light   
    Anybody see this. Looks very helpful just wondering it anyone has one and what they think of it. 

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    Bubbles got a reaction from AbelAxe in Tinting friends and coworkers rides   
    Thanks for the help guys. Im going to hit up some of my friends at work that have newer 4 door cars and see what happens. Ive tinted my car over 6 times now. Also tinted my wifes and sons car. I bought some SunTek. Super sweet tint.  Been picking up tools little by little and I have a good time tinting. Also Im a welder fabricator and work around 55 hours a week. 
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    Bubbles reacted to smookee408@yahoo.com in Opinion on these scratches after getting window tinted   
    Definitely the Tinter’s fault. If he’s a stand up guy he’ll replace the glass. It happens even to the best of us. I’ll admit it and I’ve replaced a customer glass because I’ve scratched it. Good thing I have a plotter now and that’ll never happen again. 
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    Bubbles got a reaction from quality tintz in Use Sprayway glass cleaner for last squeegee before install   
    I just use j and j and distilled water. Wipe your squeege after every stroke. I do love spray away to. 
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    Bubbles reacted to poppawilly67 in Whats up BOSS!   
    what he said.  wont bother me one bit.  ive spent time in  military so ive been called worse.
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    Bubbles reacted to no ma'am in Tips for Hand Cutting Frameless Windows   
    So you're not experienced with the hand cutting and you're gonna have your patterns copied  Am I reading this right  What's fvd  
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    Bubbles reacted to Sunbreakers in Tips for Hand Cutting Frameless Windows   
    All, I wouldn't worry too much about him sending in the patterns. About a month ago I sent in the 2018 Nissan Titan Windshield with the sensor in it, 2019 Chevy Silverado windshield, and a "repair" pattern for the current Ram 1500 windshield that has never ever fit and is like 2" too long on the sides from the middle to the top corners .....sent that to Terrance at FVD. Called him now twice.. and no update to the patterns database....for any of them. Guy acts like I have caught him in the middle of watching a football game every time I call.   Esoterik,  it will be forever before it makes it out if at all and probably be past the time it will really serve you. Just sayin. 
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    Bubbles reacted to flat rock stan in WHAT IS YOUR BEST TINT TIP!?   
    If you mess up just get another piece. It's only film, no one is going to die
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    Bubbles reacted to TNTLady in WHAT IS YOUR BEST TINT TIP!?   
    Do it right the first time
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    Bubbles reacted to B3ATDAH3AT in WHAT IS YOUR BEST TINT TIP!?   
    Do not let customers tell you what your services are worth, and don't let them stand over your shoulder while you work
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    Bubbles reacted to Tint Slayer in no light to cut back window?   
    On back glass, I cut with my right hand holding the knife and i also hold 2 or 3 fingers of my left hand alongside the blade with the left most finger at the glass edge, as an edge guide, and i keep that distance from the edge continuous as i cut that side. Other edge of glass my hands are reversed. The top cut is the easiest to practice it. Just mentioning it as an option for blind cutting.
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    Bubbles reacted to quality tintz in Places to tint   
    Mee too cordless light and heatgun we can tint in the desert !!!@
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    Bubbles reacted to jh812 in Back window package tray   
    Likely the reasoning on that one is because of a black rubber piece that sits right at the bottom. Lower the seats down and you'll find a few black plastic rivots that hold the deck in. Remove those, then pull the carpeted deck towards you. This will get that piece off the glass and give you enough room to work. Once done just push it straight back and reinstall clips.
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    Bubbles reacted to pbalentine in Back window package tray   
    Try not to tuck to much film, especially at the bottom. Lay the film up a slide it down slowly and watch the top edge so you dont tuck too much. Had a focus yesterday that had a small tight spot in the middle. Would of been screwed if i tucked too much. 
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    Bubbles reacted to Roach in Last One To Post #916   
    Hey Stan
    People are funny... I have a couple contractors that trying to get paid is like pulling teeth, and then I have one that actually paid me today for a job I'm doing tomorrow. lol
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    Bubbles got a reaction from quality tintz in Corny keg hose   
    They look like old sryup tanks from soda machines.  Any one use a beer keg?
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    Bubbles reacted to lexen in Tint peel boards! Let’s see yours   
    Here is mine. made from Home depot woods, and ordered custom size tempered glass from glass shop.
    while you make peel board, also why not build film display?

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    Bubbles reacted to quality tintz in Corny keg hose   
    I made two out of old coco cola bottles (corny tank) air hose and tint spray  nozzles the old style  ones that you can't buy no more...i payed like 35 for each tank
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    Bubbles got a reaction from quality tintz in Looking for Advice   
    You have to really think about where you are and where your trying to go. I always look at the parking lot of the place im applying for. If there is a bunch of beaters keep driving and good luck
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    Bubbles got a reaction from quality tintz in Places to tint   
    Still learning slthough i do welding on the side and tube bending as well so could componsate with side jobs. Rent here is very expensive so im going to take my time and look around.