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  1. 69 nova anything that would help make install go smoothly let me know and would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  2. Customer wants full windsheild 35% plus a 5% sun strip. Is that possible?
  3. Anything tricky about this style. Any advice would be helpful thanks.
  4. Everytime I install back glass always have little tiny white specks the bottom right corner of the back glass what am I doing wrong I did both Frankenstein and reverse roll and same outcome any suggestions or help would be much appreciated or tips on cleaning the back glass better
  5. Do I need to pull the panels or can I just two-stage
  6. I'm doing the front to roll ups and a sun strip on a 2018 Ford Explorer do I have to pull the panels for the front roll ups?
  7. Any thing i should know about this model to make my install easier any advice would be helpful thank you
  8. Any Helpfull tips or things to avoid with this model. Before i start.
  9. Would like some tips on how to speed up full vehicle install. Usually takes me 3-4hrs currently.for a full size sedan. Looking to get down to 2- 2 1/2 hours average. Any tips or suggustions for an efficient whole install.
  10. Long027

    06 Volo s60 input?

    About to do a 06 volvo s60 and is there anything tricky about this vehicle. Im a beginner! Would love any input that can possible save me time and head ache haha. Thanks
  11. Right😂 My lucck every Retint i do will be PITA....
  12. Removed film from a freinds car and used no heat there was no adhesive what so ever left on the window. Is that just cheap film? Need some input. thanks guys!
  13. Yeah just trying to avoid removing them . If i run my hand across the BG they are very old and brittle and are rough. Ill Just ask the customer if he minds to have them removed. Thanks
  14. About to tint a 97 honda accord and they have old decals all over the back glass and was wondering how i could shrink without scratching the film side. Any suggestions guys? Thanks