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  1. Its all personal preference. We use FVD and Xpel.
  2. I don't think they are even made anymore.
  3. Sounds like your trying to go the cheap route. Everyone has their own budget.We have 40in Roland plotters and love them for tint. A 24 in plotter will drive you nuts when you wanna get something done quickly and still have to hand cut the rear glass. We ran a 24 in for about 6 months and then went bigger.
  4. Do you have a install or project coming up and need some extra help to get it done on time? We can do it with you. Email us what kind of film your going to install, how many sqft, time frame, and a general location of jobsite and we can get you a quote. We do dealer lot preloads also. Over 30 years experience. tintladson@gmail.com