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  1. It was hairline enough the camera wouldn’t pick it up, I shrink with a glove or wet edge felt squeegee But while installing I didn’t squeegeeing vertically where the scratch was at or any where on the windshield. I’m using orange crush squeegee what did you end up settling on
  2. Hey every one lately we’ve been having an issue with windshield tint getting scratched before install while shrinking the windshield. I.E. 2019 f250 with 350 mile windshield is power washed, soaped and washed off then wiped down and squeegeed. There is a scratch on the inside of tint once installed even when we didn’t squeegee vertically installing it. any help would be appreciated! Johnson marathon and IR film
  3. Yes I’ve used there tint and am a current dealer it shrinks great and handles great, the heat rejection and clarity are awesome on it. The only issue I’ve ever had is small bubbles creasing easier I feel like but none the less still a great tint!
  4. I would cut the top edge and shrink it a little and then the middle lines up and one of the sides would line up and the opposite side wouldn’t line up with 1/4 to 1/2 inch light gap.
  5. Hey y’all I’ve been tinting for 6 years and was having trouble with a 1st gen dodge windshield install a brow for some reason, I’d cut it on the outside and it wouldn’t line up with the curve on the inside. Could be having a blonde moment but any help is appreciated! TIA