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  1. @DynamicATL I remember seeing a post where you posted an image of the various tint percentages on two different interiors, one being dark and one being light, and the effects on how the tint looks like with two different interiors. Do you think you could repost it here if it’s not a problem? Thanks. I can’t remember where I saw the post.
  2. Question, will a 50% film make the rear windows with the privacy glass that much darker? Just trying to come up with options. I’m debating if I should mix and match the Pinnacle and Stratos with the 50% Pinnacle for my front doors and the Stratos 70% for the rear half of the vehicle or just do the whole SUV with 50% Pinnacle and Air 80 on the windshield.
  3. Yes. I’d like to add film in the rear windows. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  4. Hello all. My question is what percentage tint should I get to keep it as stock looking for the rear windows of a 2005 Sequoia w/ stock privacy glass already installed? I don't want it to be dark since my wife drives the vehicle and she sometimes has trouble driving at night so I want to keep it as original as possible when looking through it. Will a 50% tint keep it as original or should I go w/ 70%? My choices of tint will either be the Formula One Pinnacle/Stratos or 3M Crystalline. As far as price goes, both the Stratos or Crystalline are both priced the same while the Pinnacle is a tad cheaper. Thanks for your help and input.
  5. Didn't know that businesses have to meet a certain criteria to be able to placed on their locator as an authorized dealer. But even then, when I contacted Xpel via email, they only provided me w/ 3 businesses that they deal with. The first shop that I contacted that uses Xpel films finally reopened after temporarily closing their shop for almost a month. After talking to them again, they still did mention the Xpel films, but they did mention that they also have Madico films. I asked for the price difference between their top of the line films and it was a $100 difference between the Prime XR and the Madico film (they didn't give me the brands that they used for Madico). The XR was $450 for the whole vehicle while the Madico was $350. This shop also closed down their website. So I doubt I'll be doing business with them even though it looks like they do a great job in tinting vehicles.
  6. Thanks @jh812. Much appreciated. After much consideration and researching the different tint shops in my location, I decided to just go back to the previous shop that installed the Pinnacle on my 4runner. The shops that are in my general area that sell the Xpel brands are not considered authorized retailers at least from what I've seen on Xpel's website when trying to look for authorized dealers around my area and from what a customer service rep emailed me when inquiring about authorized window film installers. The closest shop that actually does window film installs is about a 20 or so minute drive from me (I know, it's not that far). I don't know if these two business lost their license as authorized dealers for Xpel, but I'd be worried too much about warranty if something does go wrong. And that brings me up to the second reason of going with Pinnacle, the warranty. Can't beat the lifetime transferable warranty if I ever decide to sell my vehicle. Again, thanks for all your help.
  7. As far as price range goes, which one is comparable to Pinnacle, the XR Black or XR Plus. I know it depends on the shop that's installing the tint on how much they want to charge the customers but I'm just inquiring since I don't want to pay over what I paid for the Pinnacle, which is around $500 to do all 4 doors including the rear glass on my 4runner. Also, thanks for the info. Does anyone know if the Sequoia's front doors have that greenish factory tint to it? I can't remember and I forgot to look at it this morning before my wife left for work. I don't want to say anything to her about the windows being tinted as I want it to be a surprise. Also, what percentage tint do you folks recommend for the rear doors with the stock tint? I don't want to go dark because my wife will have trouble seeing out of it at night so I want to keep it as factory looking as possible. Again, thanks for all the info that you guys have given me. Much appreciated.
  8. Sorry for bringing up an older post but since this is up already, I didn't want to start another post w/ basically the same questions. Basically my question is if you had a choice of Pinnacle or Xpel, which would you choose? Just a quick backbround, I recently just tinted my 4runner w/ the Pinnacle, 15 in the back and 35 up front. Before getting the Pinnacle, I was ready to go get the Xpel but the shop suddenly temporarily closed for remodeling. I didn't want to wait for the shop to open so I decided to go w/ a different shop. The reason I'm asking is because I want to tint my wife's vehicle next. Since she has the larger SUV that carries the family w/ leather seats, I would like it to be comfortable for my wife and kids and I'd like to know your preference out of the two. As far as shops and installations go, the one that installed the Pinnacle on my vehicle is great. And as far as the other shop that uses Xpel, the shop is real nice and the installer seems very knowledgeable, but then again, I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to automotive tints so he could just be bullsh***ing me. But as far as reviews and pictures posted on Yelp and their website, everything looks pretty legit. Also, I am thinking of adding film to my windshield in the upcoming new year. Maybe using either the Air 80 or the Stratos 70. There's like an $80 dollar difference between the two but I don't want to be pulled over just to have it removed. Can you tell that there is window tint on the windshield w/ the Stratos 70 or the Air 80? @tintnewb42 which window tint did you decide to go with? Oh and I live in SoCal btw.