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  1. Door panel doesn't appear painted, though. It's just basic plastic with roughened texture. Thanks. Your door pocket looks to be a smooth surface though, right? Nice, that's good to know. Is your door pocket the rough plastic texture or smooth plastic like what Speed posted up there?
  2. Hi all, I park my vehicle in a small narrow garage and as a result frequently hit the interior door panel with my shoe when entering/leaving the vehicle, leaving scuff marks. Generally I try to avoid but it sometimes happens. Has anyone applied PPF like Xpel (R4003 P or XPFCL6U1) to interior trim of a car? The trim is rough textured plastic like the dashboard. I'd like to put a few strips of PPF near that area so I won't have to worry about hitting it too much. My only concern is whether the adhesive will embed itself into crevices overtime and become difficult/impossible to remove in the future. Any experience with this latter issue? I know some people put it on the soles of their shoe if they are showing off expensive/rare shoes. Thanks.