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  1. We have been in the window tinting industry for over 25 years. I started before there was heat guns. I have gotten pretty known in my area bc of the longevity of being in the same area. I myself also helped out other tint shops in the same area. We are cool like that. We send each other work if we can't get to it. Customer Satisfaction is a must. So after the constant pushing from my wife and friends I finally opened up my own full service mobile tint shop. Started from the ground up and now we are going into our 3rd year and gaining more and more customers every day. I'm not only the owner but Im also the only installer for now. We are an authorized Scorpion Dealer/Installer and we also carry SolarFx Window Films. We now carry the Scorpion Sting series film to replace our Predator series film. Along with the Venom and Shield series film. With the SolarFx Window film, we have the full Nano-Ceramic film. As a full service mobile tint shop we are now able to give our customers 3 options of heat rejection. With over 8 different shades to choose from. Maximum heat rejection with our Scorpion Shield and SolarFx films.(70%-90%IRR 🌞heat 🔥rejection) (99.99% U.V. protection) All our products are💯 made in the USA!🇺🇸 Including the adhesive for the film nothing is imported. This was one of my biggest issues with other competitors. I personally have been tinting in the Charleston SC area for over 20 years. 360 Window Tint LLC is going on it's 3rd year being open.