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  1. That is true. Just one of those things that if this resource wasn’t here, I would’ve cut around it already. Lol thanks for the input!
  2. Would tint effect the functionality of it? Also, is there a specific glue to re-apply it?
  3. Did you just cut around it or have you dealt with it yet?
  4. Thanks! That’s what I was leaning towards myself. However, this is very unfamiliar for me. I guess I could call Hyundai and ask. That was my last resort. The plug is really odd shaped on the back side. Only half of it touched the glass. I’m unsure on my approach to tint a sun strip up there.
  5. Does anyone know what this plug is for on the windshield? First time ever dealing with a plug not associated with mirror itself! I’ve tried looking it up and maybe my wording isn’t the best. I’m not sure. Any help is appreciated.
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