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  1. Thanks for the response highplains. What makes ppf so difficult? Is it the cutting or all the elements that could affect the outcome of the install? Thanks for the response Patx. What kind of software do you use? Can I film two whole cars using one roll of film? How much is a roll of film. I am planning to use the DAP program in the future and was wondering how much the software was, monthly. If there is any other good programs out, please inform me. I have read a lot of threads but none of them talks about the cost of different pattern software or go in to depth about each of them.
  2. Hey Guys, I am new to this forum and I was dwelling on this website for a couple of weeks! I currently do a lot of detailing work, mostly high-end detailing. I specialize in paint correction and ceramic coating vehicles. However, a lot of my clients want ppf done on their personal vehicles and so I am working with a mobile ppf specialist. In the near future, I would want to add this in to my arsenal due to the fact that the mobile ppf specialist is sometimes busy on the days I need cars filmed. My question is, is ppf profitable? How long does it really take to master ppf?