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  1. Do you know if it is already produced or they would have to start manufacturing after order is placed?
  2. Thanks. Do you know around how much money is needed?
  3. Hello, The past few years I have been distributing tint throughout my tri county area. I have about 12-15 customers I sell to. Recently though, the company I have been getting my tint from has let the quality go to crap. Anyone know of a company that would be interested in a sub distributor or that sells wholesale? It must be good, quality film, but it doesn't have to be 3m good where it is just far too expensive. Needs to be able to be easy and good to install. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.
  4. Ok, thanks. is ceramic any harder to apply than dyed?
  5. Or maybe solar fx. Is it true sputtering is harder to heat shrink? I know it lasts longer.
  6. I'm not in any way defending the film. I joined to ask yalls opinion because like yall have said, its important to get quality film. I was just asking if i should give the dude a chance. But i guess ill go with solar guard or suntek
  7. Yea I am, but what's the point of replying or being on a forum if you just say "newbees... lol" and provide no value?
  8. Okay. I see the concern. I forgot to mention his company has been around for 3-4 years. So I shouldn’t give him a chance? It isn’t too much cheaper where I’d expect it to be so low quality
  9. I am about to order my first few rolls. My friend owns a small film company that sells locally, and i know a few shops use it. His ceramic film has a 99.1% UV rate and 90% IR rate at 6%. he has a spectrum transmission meter he showed me with his ceramic tint and it did those numbers. has 10 year warranty. They are around $380 for 5x100 ft. It looks good. Should I go with his or suntek or solar gaurd. He has better prices, and it still seems to be high quality. What are your thoughts?