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  1. Thanks for the pics. The 2 installers I had come look at it said they wouldn't put any film on wire-glass since it would unevenly heat and crack it. Is that true?
  2. Thanks for that link and the info. Everything I can find seems to be for installers though with 60" x 100' rolls or so. I just need 60" x 72" at most. Where should I look for "scraps" like this? Also should I look for Pearl Ceramic specifically? Which materials will do better at reducing fading? Really I'm just looking for high VLT with as much fading blocking as possible. I know VLT is a fader as well though. I was thinking 70% or so would be adequate. Also is there any real difference in architectural vs automotive films? Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the replies. With all the work involved to get these temporarily less fading, it's probably better to just suck it up and get new skylights... oh well. Thanks a ton for your advice though! Curious, why is it so hard to get film from installers? Is it that they don't want to deal with warranty issues if they didn't install it? Is it some contractual agreement with the supplier that they can't resell it? They're concerned I'll try to install it myself?
  4. Hi, What I have: I've got 3 skylights I'm trying to block UV/IR on with as high as possible VLT. The skylights are wavy glass with wires in it, so no tinter will touch them. They are also drafty when it's windy out. What I'm trying to do: I've been putting window insulation film from 3M on the bottom where the ceiling is to stop the drafts. This is like cling wrap for food but you can heat shrink it for a tight fit. It's actually applied in the attached picture, on the very bottom of the skylight "chimney" and stuck to the wooden trim. My plan is to get some sheets of window tint and layer them in between sheets of this heat shrink wrap to filter the UV/IR out of the light and prevent fading on my floors and furniture. Apparently I can't have the film applied to the glass directly, but this might work? I know it's not a permanent solution but I can easily replace the cling film to hold the tint in place. I'm assuming the backing on the tint is clear and I'd just leave the backing on it so it's not sticky. What I've looked into: I've seen 3M has a Prestige 70% VLT which has 99% UV and 97% IR. I've also seen there's a 3M Crystalline 90% VLT for autos with 99.9% UV and 90% IR. I'd rather have a 90% VLT, but does it matter that it's for autos? I don't really care about clarity since it's for skylights and I won't be looking through it. I just want UV/IR blocking and some 70% or higher VLT. Other brands you might suggest? I haven't been able to find anyone who can sell me any tint in the sizes I need: 1x 48"x48", 2x25"x25". I found some 3M Crystalline 90% on ebay but the largest size is too small (they replied to my messages saying they cut the 60" roll in half??), and I haven't been able to find anyone selling 3M Prestige. I contacted a local installer but they said they wouldn't sell precut tint to me. I'm afraid most people will say this as it doesn't align with their warranties if they didn't install it. What should I do here? Will my plan even work as I think it will? Thanks in advance!