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  1. Hey thanks for the tips. I made a second attempt last night on the backseat window to boost my confidence. I nailed down the cutting part but still having a bit of an issue with installing mainly trying hard not to crease the damn film. I'm constantly spraying the crack out of the tint and still somehow end up making a small crease I don't know why. Could it be that I'm using a unreliable no name squeegee from amazon? Once you crease the film is there any way of fixing it? Aside from the 1 crease I have a bunch of small bubbles hopefully will go away when it cures.
  2. Well I though that's what this forum is for to get help and knowledge from the tinter's community.
  3. Hi New on this forum and learning how to tint my own car. The bottom corner seal near the side mirrors are so freaking tight I'm having problems tucking in the film and squeeging out the water is there a trick to this? Another problem i'm having is my window shifts up an inch every time I close the door and would mess up the freshly uncured tint work how do you overcome that problem and what do you tell your customers? I live in Canada and its pretty cold atm to speed up the curing time can I literally take my heat gun and just blast the window for like 20mins to manually cure it instead of waiting for weeks during the winter season for it cure itself? Thanks in advance.