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  1. I got quoted $250 for global Qdp ceramic Dudes a Mobile tinter my buddy got his sti done in 20% ceramic this weekend and that installer did a clean job from what I seen. Think the $250 for ceramic global is a good deal?
  2. The mobile tinter guy yea he’ll be using my garage To do the tint job. I’ll just clean it a day before the job sweep it/blow out all the dirt sweep it again. If he’s using the global film first level qdp would that be an alright film? He’s offering lifetime warranty. So maxpro I should stay away from?
  3. Hey guys not sure if this is the right place to put this topic in but hi , so I’m looking at gettin my 2018 Elantra re tinted. Acquired the car about 3 months ago, from what it looks like it did have tint all around some light shade type because there is glue residue on the front two windows where it ticks into the top rubber seal strip. I’ve gotten some quotes from different people couple of them are mobile tinters and the rest have small shops. I’ll list them below. Closest tinter to me quoted me $250 in Avery Dennison film nano ceramic. Couldn’t really find much info on that film on here. Is it good? next shop quoted me $190 in maxpro carbon series I’ve read up on it and looks like the reviews for for are 50/50 good and not so good. a mobile tinter uses global but not sure which line of global film but the fact that he’ll come to me and do it for $200 flat is nice. And lastly this shop uses Johnson window films and he’s at the same $250 price. I’m in SoCal and the summers are brutal and leather interior isn’t fun guess what I’m asking to not drag this on much longer is which would be the best choice as far as brand wise on the films I’ve listed thanks for any feedback
  4. Hello I had new tint installed about a month ago on my corolla. Had the 3% film done. The tint has cured and well on the driver side I can feel small dirt, debris under the film. So I’m getting it looked at today with the same place that did it. Are small white freckle like bubbles normal after month of cure time ? I didn’t roll the windows down for a week. I live in so cal and it’s been 80+ degrees, I did park it in direct sunlight and esp at work. So I’m not sure why these small white like bubbles are on the film of am I just being too picky. Thanks in advance. ** if walking up to the car from the outside and looking at the windows you can see these small bubbles I have circled on the pics, every window has them, In different places, I don’t wanna be that one picky customer but I’ve had tint done before and never seen this** any tips advice is appreciated.