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  1. It looks like what I call a tijajuana tint job. Plotters cut crappy patterns that never match up on the top edge. If I’m installing a plotter cut pattern I usually cut the top edge exact on the window when shrinking. Way faster , cleaner and easier than filing . A good tint shop will have a close consistent top edge every time . And definitely shouldn’t charge you extra to do it right.
  2. I agree with TNTlady and KonSiva . I’ve worked part time for shops that consider themselves “high end” recently , and bottom line is they only care about quantity not quality. With the technology of plotters anyone who can half ass install a pre cut pattern thinks their a window tinter. However Looking at the classified /employment forum here on Tintdude is that there are lots of shops all over the country that get it and are willing to pay a good installer what they’re worth.
  3. I have 23 years experience in every facet of the window film industry from automotive, flat glass , large commercial jobs, sales , customer service, etc.. I’d like if I could find flat glass work paid on a square footage basis. I’m located in southern Cali but I’m willing to travel if the work and pay is good. Possibly willing to relocate. I’m very experienced and over qualified. Contact me at 951-906-3845