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  1. bee knob

    bee knob

  2. Watch for embedded dirt, it being an older car and all. Also be sure to tape over the felt on the upper seal areas, it'll want to sprinkle into the film.
  3. bee knob

    2017 CRV

    So on this vehicle we used a "soakshield" rope but water must have still gotten thru to a bad place. What happened was the wipers started running continuously, even with the ignition fully off. We removed the one piece multi circuit fuse module in the engine bay and taped off just the contact for the wiper motor and plugged it back in to cut power to the wiper motor so the customer could be on his way. The customer said that on the way home he also was getting faults on the blindspot warning and forward collision warning. When he got home he ran the car's heater with the engine running for about 20 minutes and the problem seemed to go away. The next day, today, he reported that all seems to be fine and is going to stop by tomorrow to get the wipers powered back up. I will report back with the final results.
  4. bee knob

    2017 CRV

    Hello, Just did a CR-V windshield and am having the same issue. What did you end up finding on the one that you did? Thank you. Bryan
  5. bee knob

    2019 Subaru WRX

    Other shops are saying the front quarters are difficult. True?