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  1. So I just recently builds a new peel board on a rolling cart. Looking to find something a little bit more convenient for roll ups. I just picked up a utility cart from harbor freight for 50$ and use some we are mounts for the glass that I found for free.
  2. Thanks! Honestly your blueprint was perfect! You could get away with 2x4 because of how sturdy it is! Only thing I did differently was extending bottom post to 3" but probably didn't even need that! The only thing that I can think of is changing my glass to tempered but I'm keeping my eye out for that.
  3. She's all finished! Added Spot to hang dash cover towel Bottle hangers Spot for my built keg sprayer *I paint cars so used Automotive paint with was black and added a load of pearl green and red. *Those aren't paint runs just glare and reflections lol
  4. If you're having contamination problems and also have a breezy shop or doors open. 3M makes this product I'm sure other companies do as well. I use this stuff in my paint booth when I spray a car and helps tremendously especially cuz my paint gun spraying around 25 to 30 PSI but still come out with little to no dirt in my paint jobs. So I started using this tinting cars and been finding that those damn floating particles in the air, that you see in the sun light coming through the windows, has basically disappeared. Hopefully the helps someone
  5. Ross

    87 Grand National

    Thanks you! yeah the customer said that they don't make quarter glass replacements for that car yet. Thanks for the great tips and hopefully I'll get to do this car. I quoted a little higher than normal because of the age and time is going to take you have a clean job. Hopefully he doesn't take it to a hack shop though instead.
  6. Ross

    87 Grand National

    I have a customer wanting this car done. Anything to look out for except for the butane rope seals?
  7. Update: So I started this project with a dual-pane "tempered" (so I was told) glass bought from relocate store. Well since my father thought it was a good idea to remove the wood trim, I now have single-pane glass which the other pane broke into large sharp pieces... So obviously is not tempered which means I'm going to have replace soon. Anyways to hang the glass I went with an aluminum angle bar and screwed it down with just enough gap to install the glass. Also have one on top for support. Since I use up all my patients while I tinting and decided to cut corners by measuring wants and then eyeing it. 🙃 The glad extends pass the boards and I need to even everything out. Anyone have any suggestions on what they would use to mount the glass? If so maybe a picture or link.
  8. Hey thanks! Yeah I'm really happy with is so far honestly it's been a lot of fun but yeah it's obviously not finished yet this was just as far as I got last night. I still need to work on it which is why you don't see that lag bolt through the bottom of the vertical 4 by 4. I'm going to add a lot more accessories to it so I'll keep updating this post as I continued. Lag bolts on using are, 5/16 in. x 5-1/2 in. Hex Zinc Plated Lag Screw. Once I finish I'll post all the parts and prices. But I'll tell you what the hardware for this was a lot more expensive in the wood. The lag bolts alone where a dollar apiece. But I'm planning on working on her tonight and hopefully finishing it and I'm using an aluminum angle bar to support the glass.
  9. @Tint Slayer Thanks for sharing the blueprints. I did modify it already myself to the size of my glass. Basically instead of 6 ft wide I shorten it to five feet all together. Also, I increased the length of the 4x4, the two which the caster wheels are bolted to, from 2' 4" to 3'. Here are my pictures so far.
  10. Also I borrowed the blueprints from someone on here and modified it for my window. I might as well keep updating this so hopefully it can help the next person. Here are the blueprints, thanks to who ever made these. I'll continue to update as I get time to work on this. Home Depot didn't have 6' 4x4 only 8'. I'll get more into detail and more pictures hopefully this weekend.
  11. That's exactly what I wanted to know. I would prefer one pane but I'll work with what I got. Thank you
  12. So this weekend I found a window at our local RESTORE for 20$. Naturally I bought it and stripped the frame off. The window measure 49" x 61" and its heavy AF! It's a dual-pane tempered glass with gas in-between and there's is a pretty decent gap that I haven't measured yet. I'm wondering if it would be better two separate the two from each other and just use one. Then keep the other one for backup or make it doubled sided peel board. I honestly don't know much about these or how to separate them. What do you guys recommend?
  13. Really because the paint booth is literally the cleanest area that you can install film. Then the added bonus of the lights... But yeah I agree Body shop makes more money painting cars which I understand and I continue to be the painter but after hours when I'm installing film it would be nice to do it in the booth and have a location to do it in