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  1. Chlorine, Florid, calcium carbonate.... (((and those top secret mind control chemicals that the government slips in without our knowing!))) I vote Distilled if I need purified water. $0.80 a gallon at wally world.
  2. Maybe this is an over kill comment, but in this day and time, even manufactures (aka store bought filtered water, J&J,etc) "might" have contaminates in it from the processing plant as it comes in those plastic jugs/containers! In reality....Who knows what in the container as we have been a trained society of zombie sheep to trust manufactures and whatever we buy or purchase right out of the wrapper. Filters water itself may be fine, but Distilled water has less contaminates and minerals in it than filtered as that is a different process. Thus for me, Distilled is a better bet. Distilled water removes a lot more minerals (contaminates) than filtering, that's why labs only use distilled and de-ionized water, its more contaminate free/pure. I see distilled water all the time for around $0.80 cnts a gallon, cheapest auto tint insurance you can buy. But you still have to gamble on the container it comes in being contaminate free as well.
  3. Yeah, I worked up there during that era in dept for finance and admin, cis dept. We moved from the bottom floor offices to the 15th and then the 16th floors in a period of a year, it was like musical floors.... I mean chairs. On any given day, and on any given floor, it was either too damn hot or too damn cold, never just right as the temp changed throughout the day, ever day! Many of us took our own space heaters and on cold days would plug them in under our office cubicles. So many people started doing it that it would pop the circuit breakers and kill all of the PCs and lights. What really bugged me was its name. Many old timers called it the Life and Casualty Insurance building as they were the ones who originally owned it. Others say Tennessee Tower, and others call it the Snodgrass or Snodgass depending on the lingo.
  4. BirdDog

    Meter Math

    Hummmmm?🤔 Interesting! Its like a flashlight in hand in contrast too that little green light (of specific and lab calibrated intensity) in the meter!!! The battery gets low and the light start to dim, thus effecting the sensor sensitivity reading as the intensity of light is less.... I just wonder if the self calibrating models would "Magically" adjust to the lower intensity at boot up? I doubt it as some models have that "Low Battery" warning for a reason, and I bet this is why. So the lesson here Boys and Girls: if you are pulled over for questionable tint and the officer wants to test your windows, comply but ask the officer to go purchase some fresh batteries first (come back and install them in front of you) so you know the reading will be bonified lagit and provably accurate in the court of law..... and you will wait right there until the officer gets back! .... C-ya! Billions of dollars in technology, a tint law, a $300.00 fine, and it all depends on a $1.99 battery.
  5. I know this is a bit late and maybe you already know this but..... You might want to use some low tack masking tape before applying the caulk to the old wood, putty or film, that way when you pull it you can give it the illusion of a good cut edge.
  6. Perhaps I am too blunt, just tell them (Very NICELY 🤔 ) "NO, It's illegal!" Don't waste your time or leave them any room. If they persist with the whining and begging, Give them permission to leave and say "If you want legal tint and a professional job, I can help you out (and hand them your card), otherwise I'm sure you understand I have appointments and deadlines to keep. Please come back when the tint laws change in your favor!".