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  1. Okay, I think with all due respect I have spent MORe than enough time on this. I have provided my evidence. It's there and I would wager would stand up in court (I have other evidence as well). This is a forum composed of businesses that do tinting, I can see that this is going to be biased. Any comments from customers here?
  2. Okay - Hopefully it's a lesson learned. Try and actually improve your service, write your tints on the invoice, (and certainly don't swap for wrong tints if you do), and maybe train your employees (tinters) better and check if they aren't screwing up. Be it dirt, or scratches or whatever. A lot of stuff went wrong here. Also it's unusual for customers to make up stories that you scratched/damaged their vehicle especially if they have photos or videos. Additionally if your website states you are factory backed don't then tell customers the warranty is through you. Remove that crap from your website, your warranty would be factory backed if you gave people warranty cards and they had a warranty from the manufacturer as well... just my 20c
  3. What's that supposed to mean? So this place doesn't deserve a negative review? I'm 100% truthful and they cut up my car in service. I deal with customers as well, but when I screw something up I pay up or make it right. I've never acted like an absolute douche like this guy has (to a customer that is).
  4. Yeah, except that they did create this scratch. I checked out all the windows and paint near them just before leaving the shop and they were to tint immediately after. So did my dad. Pics or not.
  5. Before After Now keep in mind, I have stuff to do, and so do my parents who's car it is. We don't live near each other so pics are taken when I am available with my camera.
  6. This is a lie, the car was worked on the 4th, and I returned (with my parents) on the 5th. I didn't then come back to ask about the warranty, I asked on the spot. You absolutely had your un-profesisonal workers create the scratch running from the inside of the panel out. Also there is a lot of dirt in the tint, which can only be seen now after all the hundreds of water bubbles evaporated. Plus your guys worked on the car in a dark dirty bay not your "clean bay" as you would have people believe. Leaving the ignition on for 2 hours. You're getting a negative review, get prepared to face some justice.
  7. Every insurance person and every lawyer in the land will tell you to take pics of your car before you have people using box cutters on it's windows. You're out of line. And apparently you know everone in the world, because you checked that no one gets pictures/evidence of their car I'm sorry if I am surprisingly informed and smart and that hurts you emotionally. Also everyone: this is one of their (AudioMotive) accounts, joined just to post this. They think they're going to bully me here or discredit me, bunch of clowns.
  8. So here is an update, I was finally able to roll down the windows after 4-5 days and had a look at the actual tint. It has about 10-15 dirt specs (white with stuff in the center). So I will be leaving a review, I just need to get more pics of the dirt specs. The reason i will leave the review is that the guy said I am on my own with the tint, no warranty, and that was his coverage of the scratch they put in. Plus he was a total douche. So the review will be going up in a few days once i have time for more pics and to write it up. Meanwhile, the business is AudioMotive in Ottawa, and the douche owner is James Witty. Disclaimer: this is actually my parent's car which they got weeks earlier. And woah, someone taking pics before sending a car in for tint work is fishy? Yeah right, it's due diligence. I've worked in the auto industry before , and I don't like to accuse people without proof. So there you have it. I'll put up the pics here as well. Just busy, this is extra work that shouldn't be required to get a tint job.
  9. @Diablo's Tint I would but the matter is now resolved and I am not posting a business name. So I am going to save time and not do it.
  10. So here is the result: We got the damage appraised at a body shop FIRST, we know the owner and after he investigated the fresh/sharp scratch he quoted the quarter panel repaint at a very low price of 220CAD (I've worked in bodywork in the past as well and I know this is a deal). Not that he would like to repaint due to one scratch that's not huge, so it wasn't a business opportunity for him anyway - he wasn't going to get the work. Went to the tint shop and explained. The owner turned into a complete douchebag immediately. "I guarantee it wasn't me who did that..." (or my guys) " there is no way we can cut anything" "there is dirt in the scratch" "so how do i know someone else didn't scratch it" "do you have photos from a day or two ago" (yes i did and showed them) "so how do i know someone else didn't scratch it" (yeah... highly likely) " look at all the other scratches on the car, did we make that one on the hood too?" .... "you can buff that out, there is no way I am repainting the quarter" (no you can't, the pro already looked, down to primer) etc etc eventually he started yelling, I told him i saw it on the lot but didnt want to accuse him until I reviewed the photos I had on my DSLR at home. anyway, a total douche IMO, but he decided to refund the tint job to get rid of the issue, the tint job was more expensive than the quarter repaint so we agreed. Lets hope the tint is going to last. I had to tell him to stop arguing after a while and refund already so that I don't leave him neg reviews... he was trying every trick in the book. Also something very very interesting; he said he always has this issue when someone gets ceramic tint. It was a bit of a schizophrenic moment, but yeah, he has issues with his tinters for sure. People who spend more just pay more attention to their cars and note issues... no way everyone is making this up against him. Oh well, so much for great google reviews.
  11. Okay, thanks. The other reason I am concerned with them using the wrong tint is that when we walked back in to pay/pick up they wanted to charge for non ceramic, and I had to ask "which tint did you install?" as I was just quoted $100 less than originally for ceramic.... ugh. what a shitty experience with a well reviewed shop, so far.
  12. Yeah it's 70% tint on the front over factory ~78%, legal here is 70%. So it's borderline. But how can/should they make right scratching a rear quarter panel with the knife, that is at least $500 to repaint I assume from my other experiences in body shops... Regards Edit: Is there a way a tint shop can prove they used a specific type of film to a customer? With their samples/BTU meters perhaps?
  13. Hi, I wanted to get some people's opinion here on what to do in this circumstance. Took my car to a well reviewed tint place in Ottawa the other day to get a specific model of ceramic tint done (Xpel XR black). Didn't have time to stick around and watch. 4 days prior I prepared by taking pics of all the windows and paint areas around them in case there were scratches/damage after tinting. When picking up the car, we noticed there was a kind of knife cut into the paint at the rear quarter panel right under the window. We weren't sure if it was there before as it was small so I had to wait till I got home to review the pics. Turns out there was no cut there. So they ran the knife into the panel when cutting the tint. The cut looks deep and will need at minimum touchup paint, and that still won't be the same condition as pre-tint. What is fair compensation/resolution there from the tint place? I also think the guy doing the work knew he made the cut and didn't admit to it. Additionally, they have on their website a statements that all tints are backed by factory warranty, but when I got the receipt, they did not provide a tint warranty card, NOR did they want to write down on the receipt which tint it is that was done. Also the price of $300 CAD to do Xpel Ceramic was much lower than other places. So I am not sure if they even installed the right tint. And again, they have a lot of positive google reviews, so this totally sucks. Thanks