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  1. So I had the tint replaced for a third time. I want to thank everyone for all your help and input on this. I’ll update this post when I can roll down my windows. Thanks everyone! Happy tinting!
  2. Hi everyone, thank you for your responses This is my follow up as last week I’ve had my tint re-done at the same shop. I’m still not sure if this is how it should look since this is my first time ever having a car tinted. I’ve posted some pictures of the replacement tint they offered below: Can any of you tint experts out there let me know if the gap at the top of the window is to be expected with Suntek film? This would be a Suntek CIR 30% film Thank you for any any feedback or help! I’m not a tinter myself and this is the first tint job I’ve paid someone for!
  3. Just that weird bubbling part on the back window and the weird cut marks on the drivers side window. The front drivers side window the film goes all the way to the top of the window and that’s not the same on any other window. Unsure if the gap is supposed to exist or not. Just my first window tint and unsure if this looks normal.
  4. Hello everyone Im not a big car guy and I rarely drive my car but I decided I wanted to tint my car this year. I drive a 2013 Subaru Impreza 5 door I’ve never had to tint a car but I found what I thought to be a reasonable price of around $400 to do it with a local detailer. I choose a Suntek CIR film at 30% for all my windows besides my front window. Today was was the first day I rolled down my windows and saw what the tint looked like with it rolled down. Im not sure if this is a bad job but it looks so inconsistent to me and uneven. This is the passengers side window This is the drivers side window. I noticed on this window that there are a lot of little cuts and weird edges which don’t seem very refined. Also this is the only window where the tint fully meets the top of the window rear drivers side window below below are the rear passenger side window which I have no clue what that part of the top is. Is this normal? Sorry for so many pics but does this look like a normal tint job? Should I take it back and have it redone? thanks for any help!