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  1. No problem at all. I appreciate that.
  2. Not sure why the mod moved it. Its a tinting question Mod can you move this back to tinting general discussion?
  3. I put this is a reply but figired Id make a post about it. Why am I getting a hole where my cut ends and I tear the film? Every window I do I have this jagged hole to deal with. I cut the front or back then tear away. Always tear away from film. But seems to leave this hole there. Is this normal. How do I prevent this?
  4. Thank you for the inspiration. It def will defeat you if you let it. Another issue Im having is when I cut and tear. It leave a hole where my cut ends and I tear the film. I always tear away but I can't seem to figure out why
  5. Im meaning if you shift the film a 1/4 inch to give you an 1/8 on front and back. If you shift it forward and leave it shifted that 1/4 inch. Cut your top then center it back when installing it. Wont that mess up your top edge? Im not speaking of window shift itself.
  6. I will give this a try. I do have a blue max. Might not be pressing hard enough
  7. Im a noob as youve seen from my other posts. I watch videos alot just to constantly keep steps in my head and to see how others styles work. I have a question. When cutting side windows. When you make your side cut then slide over 1/8-1/4 inch to then make your second cut. Some leave it slid over and cut the top. Makes sense to me you would center film up before making the top cut Correct? If not, wouldnt thay throw off your edge if you center it up after you cut the top. This has been bothering me as Ive seen many do it both ways. No tinter around me will let me pay for training so self teaching I guess. Thank you for any info
  8. I just started tinting about a year ago. Im doing family, friends and small customer base and have done them ALL for free as Im not confident in my skills to charge. I have all my tools and I use Global, Solar FX, and Express Films classic black for the free jobs. I can shrink, install with no bubbles or fingers. Debris is another thing I struggle with. Sometimes its a month later and all these bubbles and debris mounds pop up. I clean and clean and clean. Not sure what Im doing wrong here. I use tint slime and distilled water. I struggle with my hand cutting side roll down windows and also debris. Every time I mess a job up I get super discouraged and get down on myself. How many professionals here started out like this that at one point thought you couldnt do it and should stop trying. To them become a professional with your own shop?
  9. Do you accept returns or exchanges on window film that hasnt been opened or touched? I got 100ft roll of 80% SolarFx FXtreme2 and need to exchange for 50% VLT. Never opened so was just curious.
  10. Ordered from Dragon directly. They are great to deal with and my new source for supply. Thank you for the help so far
  11. I want to go refelctive for my civic in 5% as its my practice car and too old for any interference. I want qaulity 20% to do my 18 Ram wich I care much more about. Dont need the qaunity in those 2 films. Prob 20 feet of 20% and 30' of 5%. Now I do plan on tinting all the windows in the transports at work (Tankers) with the Ceramic blue 80% Im looking at close to 1000' if not more as I have 105 trucks. I will be tinting these mainly for IR/UV protection of the driver. Anyone know what film the CR blue actually is? Im imagining house film So different needs for different projects. Thanks again for the help
  12. I aas implying I wanted less qty. Im looking for 50 feet of 5% and 20 feet of 18 or 20%
  13. I just checked their site to order some film and seems they have zero Global products. Almost every category shows "No products" Are they just out of it? I was just going to go with Solar FX but they only offer in 100' rolls. I just want to confirm. If I go with Express. The Ceramic is indeed Global correct? Thank you for the assistance.