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  1. Do you accept returns or exchanges on window film that hasnt been opened or touched? I got 100ft roll of 80% SolarFx FXtreme2 and need to exchange for 50% VLT. Never opened so was just curious.
  2. Ordered from Dragon directly. They are great to deal with and my new source for supply. Thank you for the help so far
  3. I want to go refelctive for my civic in 5% as its my practice car and too old for any interference. I want qaulity 20% to do my 18 Ram wich I care much more about. Dont need the qaunity in those 2 films. Prob 20 feet of 20% and 30' of 5%. Now I do plan on tinting all the windows in the transports at work (Tankers) with the Ceramic blue 80% Im looking at close to 1000' if not more as I have 105 trucks. I will be tinting these mainly for IR/UV protection of the driver. Anyone know what film the CR blue actually is? Im imagining house film So different needs for different projects. Thanks again for the help
  4. I aas implying I wanted less qty. Im looking for 50 feet of 5% and 20 feet of 18 or 20%
  5. I just checked their site to order some film and seems they have zero Global products. Almost every category shows "No products" Are they just out of it? I was just going to go with Solar FX but they only offer in 100' rolls. I just want to confirm. If I go with Express. The Ceramic is indeed Global correct? Thank you for the assistance.