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  1. It’s perfect for a first pass on the windshield and back window house from getting any glue streets especially if either window is still hot from shrinking the film
  2. Sumter brought me a bunch of samples I Used it once and then use the rest to cover tables
  3. So removing door panels will always help give the best end result. We specialize in automotive. And dominate the automotive market in our area because the competition can’t come close to our quality and speed. Most tinters say removing door panels takes too much time. Our two-man team completes most four-door cars and trucks in around 40 minutes. Starting the clock from the minute that vehicle pulls it to the minute we pull it out. We remove door panels on at least 90% of our vehicles. We lifetime warranty our work and products and we run about a 3% Return rate for warranty work. And a good portion of those vehicles his vehicles the seals and door panels were not removed. We’ve taken many steps to speed up every other Step of the window tinting process without affecting quality
  4. I’m looking for a exterior film that has the same properties as automotive films (can conform to curved glass and be optically clear) that I can use on boat windshields. Literally a huge market that I currently turn down. We complete full vehicles in around 40 minutes. Boat windshields..4 hours and a lot of cursing.. so my customers don’t want to even hear my price for that.