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  1. Thanks guys! All the bubbles are gone now and it looks good 😅. One more dumb question. Does the Llumar model numbers coincide with the tint percentage? For example, is ATC 30 considered 30% film? I'm going to have my other car tinted as well and I'm thinking about going a little lighter on it. Thanks again!
  2. I noticed other people getting good advice from this forum, so I thought I would post some pics and see what you think about this job. This is Llumar ATC 30 that I had done this morning. It looks worse than it appears in the pics, like chickenpox, but I can't get my camera to focus on all the bubbles. I took it back to the shop and he said "you're just seeing it because it's cloudy today, it will go away in 2 days in the sun, trust me." Actually, it got worse when the sun came out. Are all these bubbles really going to go away in 2 days?