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  1. When the soapy water runs down the side windows from tinting, does it fall outside of the moisture barrier of the doors, or inside?
  2. Just a general question, is there any risk to the power window and side air bag sensors in the doors, and wiper motor and door lock for the tail gate from water damage, if one were to go with a reputable shop?
  3. Where is the company based in? Where do they do the manufacturing?
  4. Point taken. My next choice is a local shop that uses Global Film. Never heard of them before and some search indicates it is an Indian company? Any experience or opinion on Global?
  5. My inclination to go with Tint World has to do with warranty. Last time I had a lifetime warranty install, the shop went out of biz by the time I need to claim the warranty.
  6. Anyone knows who makes their ceramic film? Are they any good? Considering getting car done by these guys, but have concerns since they don’t use big name films.