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  1. That’s extremely cheap for ceramic. Some people will charge that just for the regular QDP. I would just make sure it’s actually the ceramic line since that seems like a very low price.
  2. I did a set of fronts on one of these and it was super simple. Sweeps pull right out (standard metal clips) and no need to shrink. Has felt on the sides so I recommend taping.
  3. 1 Touch Tint

    2020 BMW X7

    I tinted one of these a few days ago. I did all of the windows minus the windshield. I was able to pull the sweeps on the front doors by removing the screw under the lock and also the screw in the pull handle. Little tight but easily doable. Trickiest windows were the rear roll ups. They are similar to a 7 Series where the glass goes beyond the trim. I did not remove these sweeps although next time I’d like to look into it. Quarters and rear window are straightforward. I hand cut and there was enough room to cut and shrink the back window without any issues.
  4. Your install could absolutely be much cleaner. Most of those look like concentrated areas of contamination which are never acceptable, at least to my standards. Every tint job will have at least one fine spec here or there it’s just the nature of the beast. I’ve seen much worse but like many others said it could be much cleaner.
  5. Forgot to mention I get a 20” roll cut into two 10” rolls and this makes sunstrips much quicker with less waste in my opinion.
  6. The newer Jaguar XJ’s can kind of be a pain. I’ve actually never removed any panels or deck lids on these and still can get a nice install they’re just time consuming. The brake light being so close to the neck glass and the front doors corners being tight make for a more tedious install. Sunstrips were never my favorite either haha
  7. I started using suede microfiber rags (aka surgical rags) and have definitely noticed a difference. I saw a video from Mike Sanchez from Dirty Promotions use one and got the idea. Love it for doing a final wipe on the top edge and side gaskets. Hands down better than a standard microfiber. No sure if this is considered different but it definitely benefits me
  8. I agree 100%. You typically end up with a below average install and more wasted film than usual. Just not worth it in my opinion.
  9. A few months ago I needed a new Slim Foot tool which typically retails anywhere from $15-18 on most tint sites. I found a package deal with 8+ tools (which included the slim foot) on Amazon for $17. I probably won’t use half the other tools but it was still a deal. I assume it could be a knockoff but it looks, feels and performs just like ones I have gotten off of 44tools and other reputable sites. Anyway something to think about. Also, when you’re starting out it will take some time to see what tools work best for you. There’s a lot out there that so the same job, just comes down to personal preference.
  10. Must have forgotten to login on my last reply 🤦🏻‍♂️ But anywho $200 in Global QDP is a good price. If the guy is a good installer then you have yourself a nice deal
  11. I’ve always liked Porter Cable. They always seem to hold up really well.
  12. I’ve tried to use this tool a few times and couldn’t seem to get a feel for it. It’s definitely a cool design I just prefer the titan and bulldozer
  13. I did an install on one of these about a year ago and the customer recently called and said that the driver door was beginning to peel in the corner. I rarely have any issues like this so upon hearing this I hopped on tintdude and saw that this was somewhat common on these, and also on the G37 which I believe is the exact same car for the most part. I’ve done a good bit of these in the past and have never had an issue. I pulled the sweep and made sure the film was well below the gasket this time so hopefully all is good now! Anyway very easy car to tint, hardest part for me is getting into the backseat.
  14. I tinted one of these a couple months ago (2019 I believe). Did not remove the rear deck, headrests or pull any panels so it was definitely a little more challenging than your typical sedans. Overall it came out nice. The doors are tight so I cut almost exact with hardly any shifting. The rear window was the most challenging. I have done a handful in the past and have always cut around the brake light. This one happened to be for a Steeler player so I decided to go for it without cutting it out. It came out clean but in order to squeegee behind the light I had to press down on the deck lid while using the bulldozer. This particular one gave me just enough room for me to get the bulldozer behind it. The red Titan also helped. I’m glad there’s not many out there because if I had to tint these everyday I might look for a career change haha. Good luck everyone.