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  1. Express / Global makes great film at a great price. Can’t go wrong with it.
  2. I’ve done a handful of these and they’re definitely a bit challenging. I found that making a pattern with the release liner is the best way to get an accurate template. Haven’t used a plotter for these so I can’t comment on that. I don’t shift much side to side or up and down, just an exact cut and they fit well with no light gaps. You may be able to see the edge of the film (barely) in a spot or two but it beats having trash and creases in the corners. I know some people remove them I just haven’t felt comfortable doing that.
  3. The percentages will be up to the shop and the installer. If you’re using your own film it will be higher, and if you’re using the shops film then typically it’s a bit lower. I subcontract for a few shops and each has a different percentage, although they are somewhat close. The ticket prices vary because of location. I personally love working for myself and subcontracting for a few places. There’s obviously advantages and disadvantages but overall I’ve been enjoying it and would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind moving around.
  4. Did a 2019 Charger a few days ago and everything went smooth. I bottom load about 90% of the vehicles I tint but Chargers have never been one of them. The only thing I noticed that was different was the piece of rubber at the bottom of the back glass. For this reason I cut very close to the dot matrix. Scrubbed the defrost lines with 0000 steel wool and did not get one peanut which was great. Usually I’ll end up with 1 or 2 even after steel wool or wet sanding. Anywho I reversed rolled it and everything came out really nice. Took me about 2 hours from start to finish. Also I used Global QDP 35%.
  5. Great film in my opinion. Have been using it for years with zero issues. It does feel thicker as others have stated which I really like. The distributor I deal with is also very helpful with great customer service.
  6. Seems to be the same windows are the previous years. Sweep still needs to be cut if you’re a bottom loader. Front corners are a little tight. I recommend a little extra slip for these ones but other than that pretty straight forward.
  7. SunTek, in my opinion, is by far easier to work with compared to Xpel. I have never worked with 3M PPF so I can’t comment on that. I’ve done several vehicles with both Xpel and Suntek and both are quality films. You should definitely save a few bucks going with SunTek but then again this can vary from shop to shop. As for the warranty, I feel a big part is where and how the vehicle is stored. PPF baking in the Arizona sun is sure to fail before a garage kept vehicle in a climate controlled environment.
  8. Could be a number of issues, from your prep to the delivery on to the window. Shoot over some pics like DynamicATL said and go from there 👍
  9. There’s a lot of choices and a lot of good films. I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively with Llumar/Formula One, SunTek, Madico, and Global and a few others. For a standard base film, Global QDP has always been my favorite. I’ve always felt it’s easy to work with and installer friendly. Looks good too. It really comes down to personal preference.
  10. That’s extremely cheap for ceramic. Some people will charge that just for the regular QDP. I would just make sure it’s actually the ceramic line since that seems like a very low price.
  11. I did a set of fronts on one of these and it was super simple. Sweeps pull right out (standard metal clips) and no need to shrink. Has felt on the sides so I recommend taping.
  12. 1 Touch Tint

    2020 BMW X7

    I tinted one of these a few days ago. I did all of the windows minus the windshield. I was able to pull the sweeps on the front doors by removing the screw under the lock and also the screw in the pull handle. Little tight but easily doable. Trickiest windows were the rear roll ups. They are similar to a 7 Series where the glass goes beyond the trim. I did not remove these sweeps although next time I’d like to look into it. Quarters and rear window are straightforward. I hand cut and there was enough room to cut and shrink the back window without any issues.
  13. Your install could absolutely be much cleaner. Most of those look like concentrated areas of contamination which are never acceptable, at least to my standards. Every tint job will have at least one fine spec here or there it’s just the nature of the beast. I’ve seen much worse but like many others said it could be much cleaner.
  14. Forgot to mention I get a 20” roll cut into two 10” rolls and this makes sunstrips much quicker with less waste in my opinion.
  15. The newer Jaguar XJ’s can kind of be a pain. I’ve actually never removed any panels or deck lids on these and still can get a nice install they’re just time consuming. The brake light being so close to the neck glass and the front doors corners being tight make for a more tedious install. Sunstrips were never my favorite either haha
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