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  1. I’m ok with an outline due to the extra layer, but would rather not ruin the decal... hmmm I guess I’ll wrap around it then
  2. Just installed this decal and now thinking about wrapping the car. Will wrapping the hood end up damaging this hood decal when we go to take it off in a couple years?
  3. Hello all, I’m new to tint, PPF, vinyl wraps, etc I’m looking into the idea of opening up shop locally and doing tint, clear bras, vinyl wraps, ceramic coatings and possibly high end detailing. Open to ideas of what seems to do best for business! Also open to which items to offer or not to offer to maintain a successful business, am I asking too much or should I offer more/less? I’m looking to see if this skilled trade is something I can practice several times on a dozen of cars and start up shop? I have the money to buy the plotters, software, print machines and what not (still need advise on what’s need and what’s not). Looking into taking training, if needed what would y’all suggest? Any do’a and dont’s for this business? Any tips on what I need and don’t need? Not oppose to hiring someone experienced if needed to open up shop. Anything I need to look for demographicly before making the commitment? Any advise to start up a company or not to start the company would be appreciated, looking for all sides of the spectrum here and concerns! I have a profitable business right now that doesn’t take a lot of my time but I love cars and making them look outstanding so this is something I would have a passion to do. Looking to see if this is a build able $1 million/year business in the first 3 years if I can get everything going great. Located just outside of the Dallas, TX area.