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  1. I cant get the truck back for probably a month being the installer is 2hrs a away. When they do the trim how is it usually done? with a small knife? or is there special tools used for trims?
  2. They are filled to prevent rust, it is very common on these super duty trucks for people to oil the insides of the doors. the truck is 20 years old. Im guessing this is probably why it lifted on the door some, the film is the lowest on this door aswell. Going to get it trimmed.
  3. This is the one spot I'm not sure how they could trim being so close to the paint. I used the point of a pen to show size comparison.
  4. Yes. No rocker guard. It is flat and i don't know why is shows a ton of orange peel. It does not look like that in person. This is the very bottom of door and cab corners, you have to kneel down and look very close to see these areas. Should the smaller areas be repaired as well or should i just be concerned with the larger lifting spot. Once this film lifts Im sure it only gets worse? Especially in these areas where dirt & water will be kicked up.
  5. Its neither its gloss. Base/clear. The picture makes it look like flattish peel. Its not in person.
  6. Inspected a little closer and my lower rear half door is lifting a little bit too, these areas are very small but it is not stuck down.. can they even trim or tack areas this small back down without pulling back film. Am I crazy or is this normal with installs? The white spot is a reflection of my coffee cup.
  7. Taking truck back hopefully next week. I Hope they can fix these areas with a trim. Its a 2hr drive so these spots will obviously get more debris underneath On the drive down.
  8. Im afraid that if they have to remove it will pull the paint or clear coat, truck was completely repainted about 40 days before install of PPF kinda wishing i never decided to put this stuff on. And i can tell you if they pull paint they aren’t going to know a thing and tell me its a paint flaw. They basically have already told me this. Just sucks because it was very expensive and if it goes bad it will costs thousands in repairs for absolutely nothing.
  9. I had a custom xpel install on my 99 f350 lower doors of cab and cab corners. I got it back last night, and looked it over this morning and found the lower cab corner lifting and small bubbles on the lower doors. I contacted my install and he said they will level it out..? I didn’t have edges wrapped because the doors are filled with oil and it drips out sometimes. How should this be fixed properly? I will upload more pictures later.