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  1. Second update: got my tint guy to remove the tint and its scratches on the window itself, went to the dealership and they won't repair it because its two weeks old and I should've came sooner to get it fixed. Called corporate and they are making a case to see if they can do something about it
  2. Update: just came back from a tint shop a couple miles away and they confirmed that the tinter need to re-do it. The guy felt the tint and said its a bit uneven and you can slightly feel the lines so it had to be the tint. Hoping this is the case so I dont need a window replacement.
  3. Based on some researching they do come with a very light tint on them I think its about 72% from what I read.
  4. Would a tinter be able to create that many scratches? Even if they did screw up. I would expect a few scratches at most, but this is a lot
  5. Thank you guys for the help, emailed the sales guy about the problem.
  6. Will definitely be reaching out to the dealer. The tint guy used a brand new blade install. Hopefully the dealer will replace the window.
  7. Its a brand new VW GTI, would the dealer be able to take care of it if thats the case?
  8. Its the right rear window and its a VW GTI
  9. Hi guys, new to this website, but I got my windows tinted yesterday and noticed this after work. All windows are fine except this one. I just bought the car two weeks ago and I doubt there could be scratches or issues with the window. I can only feel some of lines towards the pillar/edge of the window, but everything else I cant really feel. Any thoughts on this? I texted the tint guy and he said he would take a look at it, but he doesnt think a re-tint would do much. Thanks!