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  1. Hey Guys & Gals just found this wonderful site in some things we are searching today and joined up to ask our first question after no luck in the search bar. I was about to pull the trigger on a FC8600-160 to cut 60 inch rolls. we currently hand cut / bulk everything. over the weekend I found a smokin deal on a FC8000-130 for 700.00. you did read that right. its in near mint condition, saw a test cut and brought it to the shop this AM. Guy owned a sign shop and went to a 72 and wanted it out. Anyway, we were wanting to go 60 to cut 60 inch rolls. at this price i just couldn't pass it up, as our first plotter. I assume we should continue to use the 40inch rolls we've been using for tint vs going to 60 and losing 6 inches or would there be a benefit to cutting 54" on tint? Also, would the same apply for PPF for you guys using plotters this thing will take a 60 roll but only cuts 54inch. should we ppf 60 inch rolls so i can cut up to 54 and eat the 6 inches of waste or just use the 48 inch rolls for plotter and then either bulk with a half roll of 60 or order kits for hood/roof? your opinions are appreciated. Lastly, where does every one buy blades for these things the only ones I see online are for the CE machines, will those blades work or is there somewhere else to get them for this machine. we are using DAP X and install xpel films. Thank You!