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  1. There is a new social networking platform where like minded individuals within the same field get together and network strictly business within the field via voice. Wanted to see if anyone is using the networking app.
  2. Thank you for the information, I've contacted them and received samples as well. I look forward to working with them in the future.
  3. I don't recommend using clorox or windex as cleaning agents for stone even on PPF... those cleaners are too harsh. Maybe something more neutral like maybe a self made cleaner with a bit of dawn in it.
  4. It is possible, did you install PPF on this marble surface?
  5. To protect stone surfaces, an average sealant can only last 6-12 months. There is defiantly a market for residential surface protection.
  6. Perfect for Marble!! especially the fact that Marble can stain/etch very easily. I have found there is a sort of PPF for Stone Surfaces such as 'TuffSkin' and 'StoneGuard' when they have sent me samples. I have noticed that the film is very similar to PPF. But their 'stone' film is very over priced. Did you use alcohol/water solution to install?
  7. Yes I believe there is a strong market for this type of surface protection, its still early on but it will come up. This is what my business is tackling, especially with all the new home construction in my side of FL. In regards to the film that you have used, how long in duration will the film last after application? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, wanted to see if anyone has used PPF on Natural Stone such as Granite, Marble etc. If so, how long did it last on the surface and what were your outcomes with installation. Thanks