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  1. @Roach @DynamicATL Thanks for the perspective and replies. It never crossed my mind that they may be commission based. They determined it wasn’t on the tint but on the window. Because of the previous picture I had with bubbles where they said they’d re-tint it (no scratches present) they determined it was scratched while removing the tint. They are ordering a new rear window for me. I hope it gets installed and tinted without any more hiccups. If anyone is interested, I will update this thread when I have a final outcome.
  2. Thanks for your input. I understand people vent, everyone does it. While it was definitely about me - it’s fine. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being unreasonable. As I said I simply sent a picture to them and asked if that would cure. They told me it needed to be re-tinted and prompted me to come back in for that. Hearing the employee complain how minor it was made me second guess if them re-tinting it was out of line is all. You’re right. I don’t want anyone to feel taken advantage of, I’m just looking for a fair and reasonable outcome. I have faith they will deliver this.
  3. Thanks for the help. That makes sense & I think it’s on the tint as well, I just have no clue how it was caused or why they would give the car back in this condition. I sent an email this morning addressing the scratch and am waiting to hear from them. I hope they make this right.
  4. Thank you both for the replies. This is a commercial tint spot, it’s the biggest or one of the biggest tint shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. I posted this picture for other opinions as I wanted confirmation this isn’t normal. While they did agree to re-tint it (yesterday), the second they thought I couldn’t hear them I heard them saying “Nobody will ever ever ever ever ever notice this”. “This guy isn’t normal” along with other rude comments. Very unprofessional. I was never remotely rude to them and in fact was told to bring it in for a re tint after simply asking if this was bubbles that hadn’t cured or something else going on. The owner even said to me that window wasn’t acceptable. The comments I heard made me second guess if I was being unreasonable. The car was re-tinted yesterday afternoon/evening. I now have what appears to be a 12” + long scratch. I can’t tell if that’s just the tint scratched or somehow my interior window got scratched while they were removing the old tint. I’m baffled they gave me the car back in this condition. I’m not sure how to proceed from here. Do I let them have a third go at it? When I got the car back the second time along with the tint being scratched, my trunk was soaking wet in a spot for some reason as well as my rear speaker being soaking wet. Water spots all over my plastics as well. I cleaned up the water spots but have to say I’d expect a bit more from a “premium” tint job. I’m hoping my speaker has no long term problems from the moisture. Here is a picture of the scratch taken last night and this morning. https://imgur.com/P0pHGvV https://imgur.com/7tt4BFG https://imgur.com/IJM9AAU I only noticed it when checking the car out with a flashlight in the garage after getting home. I picked the car up when it was dark out and they were closing and didn’t go over the tint job or else I would have brought the scratch up immediately.
  5. I was looking for thoughts on how much dust under tint was typically considered acceptable? What do you all think about this tint job? Rear window The window had other spots like this throughout but this was the worst collection of dust. This was part of a $500 tint on a new car.