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  1. You're right. Thanks, Tom! Thanks for the perspective hopefully everything goes well and it lasts. haha
  2. oh...... 😂 So both only lasted for like 3 years then it was replaced? Was it a skylight or a vertical installation? How thick do you usually seal it? and as a rule of thumb how long (days) do you wait before sealing it? And would you know how much ft. a 300ml seal lasts based on your experience?
  3. Hmmm can't seem to find any. Last few things, how long does it hold up? 3 years? I've been looking at their warranties and for vertical applications most have longer ones. Did you use their X -exterior films or Xtrm? Do you really need to be certified to purchase the Xtrm ones and in order to install it and get the warranty? And can you reverse roll it and is the solution still the usual J&J? Sorry for asking a lot it's gonna be our first time using this and doing an exterior install so I guess I just wanna know what could happen and what our options are.
  4. Tom, I think we got 799 right now. Is that also applicable? Or it's not the same as 795?
  5. Would you have a photo of this? And how's your experience been with their exterior films? I'm just curious with all of this since I always want to make sure we use products that last. Thanks, Tom!
  6. How would that look like, the deterioration? Just to have an idea. Also would you know where I could get a hold of some hanita products in California? I was thinking of using 795 to seal it. Is that good? This is the first exterior project we might do so I wanna do it really well and have it last really long. Maybe around 7 to 10 years would be perfect for me already. I was looking into the xtrm line and it seemed the most interesting and safest for durability and lifespan.
  7. Hey Tom, Okay I see, as for lifespan how long would you think it would last? Let's say in a tropical area with high humidity? Does that factor in or is UV just the main concern? And how long do you wait before you have it sealed? Also now that AveryDennison has bought them has their operations and quality stayed the same?
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to ask what your experience was with JWF exterior film and how long it usually lasts. What we're looking into is the SV25 exterior films and the DN exterior films. Also how long do you usually wait before you install the seals? And any tips on exterior installations since we're looking into starting to do it more and to see what ways we can ensure to make it last longer. Like how thick are your seals? Thanks.