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  1. I think most would agree that SEO is the #1 way to get consistent business. I run a lead gen business and was wondering if I should get into the window tinting niche. I'm not looking to close any of you guys as clients don't worry haha. I do however, want to make sure that I maximize my teams ability to help the clients we do reach out to through SEO and Google Ads. I've done a fair amount of post reading and I couldn't find anything where anyone talked about their ideal client. Is it a person looking for 3M Crystalline on their car? Or someone looking to tint the windows of their home? An apartment complex? It obviously would differ depending on the services focused on and provided, but on average which one would it be? I'm hoping to bring more commercial work to clients, but maybe most would prefer more auto work? So how can I be of the best help to this intriguing niche? Thanks!