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  1. I've been tinting for around three years, started out in a shop doing cars and later moved onto more residential/commercial work. I now have my own side-business apart from my day job doing solely residential/commercial work. Every single client I've gotten has been from a walk-in and selling it to them on the spot. I've got a website and SEO on my pages but all it seems to generate are calls about tinting cars! I'm in a rather populated city with construction everywhere, so the market for commercial jobs is abundant but hard to get in touch with contractors who are willing to give the new guy in town a chance. I agree with Roach, analyze the market surrounding you and focus on the one that fits best. Any time you drive or go anywhere keep on the lookout for buildings or neighborhoods that could use some tint. Also, don't be afraid to do some in-person sales to the ones you see!