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  1. Did this one this weekend. Most well-known bar around Charlottesville experiencing glare and heat issues after a building across the street was demolished. They'll have me do the other side in a few weeks! I love reverse rolling these large panes.
  2. Thanks for the insight guys. I've spoken to and gotten on the bidding list for a handful of builders and contractors around here over the last two weeks. Even brought a bunch of coffee to one that's doing some work around my day job. Just have to wait for them to give me the opportunity to show my work. Also, @Roach, I may try out the door-to-door sales again when it starts to warm up. Any tips?
  3. I'm located in Charlottesville, VA. Sort of new here as I just moved up from Georgia a few months ago. I'm still learning the market but there are tons of $500k+ neighborhoods especially on the mountainsides up here. From what I've seen and experienced, it seems as though people are uneducated or too good to be bothered by my work. It's funny though, because 90% of commercial jobs I've done have been completely wow'd after I apply the first piece! I need to find a way into the resi to where just a few people with give me a shot. After that the film can do the rest of the talking
  4. I've had my commercial and residential business open for six months now. Well... I guess I would only call it commercial since I haven't gotten one resi job. I've handed out flyers and put them in neighborhoods around my local area over the last several months. I've even went door to door to about 10 houses even though I hate the idea of it. Haven't gotten a single call for a resi job yet. Any tips on improving my success?
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  6. I've been tinting for around three years, started out in a shop doing cars and later moved onto more residential/commercial work. I now have my own side-business apart from my day job doing solely residential/commercial work. Every single client I've gotten has been from a walk-in and selling it to them on the spot. I've got a website and SEO on my pages but all it seems to generate are calls about tinting cars! I'm in a rather populated city with construction everywhere, so the market for commercial jobs is abundant but hard to get in touch with contractors who are willing to give the new guy in town a chance. I agree with Roach, analyze the market surrounding you and focus on the one that fits best. Any time you drive or go anywhere keep on the lookout for buildings or neighborhoods that could use some tint. Also, don't be afraid to do some in-person sales to the ones you see!