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  1. 20% on front to match factory tint and wrapped the emblems
  2. Hey guys I had a 2015 impala 5% carbon series scorpion film!
  3. What type of glass can I use for a peel board. and where can I find most economical??
  4. What is the big difference that make the Graphtec so more expensive than the jaguar?
  5. any place where I can get them from that you recomend?
  6. I finally got to the point where I can afford a plotter. just like anyone I like to get the best bang for my buck! any suggestion where to look for one? used, refurbished or new! also taking suggestions in between Graphtec , Vinyl Express and Jaguar! 42. Just for tinting! Thanks
  7. Indy Tint


    Is that a something I can use to cut tint? I have a guy selling his is in pretty good condition and is a good price.
  8. What software are good out there? I only now about Tint tek!?
  9. Maybe the real question is. Out of those which is the most cost efficient?