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    Is that a something I can use to cut tint? I have a guy selling his is in pretty good condition and is a good price.
  2. What software are good out there? I only now about Tint tek!?
  3. Maybe the real question is. Out of those which is the most cost efficient?
  4. So the water bubbles will just dry with time? but the other ones will not?
  5. Hey Guys, I am looking to get a film Cutter, but I am starting and don't want o break back. What is a good entry level plotter?
  6. That is what it looks to me es like water pockets but their like ghost looking. you can only see them when direct outside light hits it. but I can't push them out with my squeegee.
  7. how to know the difference? I live in Indiana and have to deal with the cold weather. if any one can tell me how to distinguish will be awesome.
  8. Hey Guys I am going to be using the ATR glue remover for the first time. and kinda want to know what dissolved ratio you guys use for rear windshield film glue removal.
  9. Has anyone had any experience with XPEL EZ-Tint? is it worth the money? does it really helps increase speed of the tinting process? Right now I am starting out. To do a 4 door 2 quarter glass and rear windshield it takes me about 5 hours.
  10. Hi Guys, So I am new to tinting just have doing it for a few months and I go to customers houses and tint in their garage. I got my first Come Back. How do you double or triple Check your tint once you are done. I deal with cold weather because I am in Indiana. Any tips for cold weather installs? Thanks guys
  11. I have a couple appointments tomorrow. I will try to get one done. the main secret is clean the window after every step thing you do, and schedule appointments when weather is good. Ask the customer for a covered place to work 9 times out 10 if the customer has a garage they don't mind letting me use it.