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  1. Hey all, first time poster, long time lurker. I’ve been tinting for about 5 years. Started at a single bay shop, hand cutting windows and very high quality installs and retail only (two people usually took about 1-1.5 hours per car. Moved out of state (medium-high cost of living major city) and got my first job at a shop that is primarily servicing dealers. We make $50 per car no matter what, whether it’s ceramic or standard, Honda Civic or Porsche Panamera, it’s $50 per car (25 per flag hour, 2 hours per car). During the summer the money is great, doing mostly Fords, Honda’s, Kias, etc and most days averaged $30 an hour. For some reason in the winter, the only people around here getting cars tinted are the ones from our Porsche and Audi accounts. So for most of the past couple months, 80% of the cars we do are panameras, Macans, cayennes, Q5s, g wagons, amg gt sport backs and such. I find it hard to make any money with all the extra time I spend on these cars and on top of that I don’t get any extra from ceramic tint jobs either. Plus, when we get the occasional Ferrari or new Mercedes model that our programs don’t have cutouts for, I’m the only one who knows how to hand cut and I don’t get any extra for that either. Do you think I should be making more? I’m just sooo sick of macans and 2019+ panameras 😂