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  1. It seems like auto tinyers are in hight demand everywhere. I have discovered this looking for another auto tinter. My advice is the same as above. Make yourself to valuable too loose and your BOSS will pay..
  2. I can provide a quote for the heat if interested? Like the rest of the replies it won't do much for the noise. Call us at 1800 300 tint all quotes are free and the it comes with a lifetime warranty..
  3. Ya I am not versed in ppf but we pay flat commissions to are installers but that comes with a lot of responsibilities.. I don't if we could keep are installers on salary happy? I would be courteous to see what you come up with?
  4. Well established shop in the southern California Riverside area with 40 plus years of clients. We are mainly looking for an experienced tinter. We have a secratary to answer phones and book your appointments. Most cars are around $330.00 to $400.00 each and we offer 25% Commission on all cars tinted. You can make roughly $700.00 to $2,000 per week depending on willingness to work, the weather, and what time of year it is! We offer 50% Paid medical and we are flexible on hours. This is a great opportunity for any auto tinter in the area. If interested in this we could even hire you for 4 days 10 hours or keep it just 8 to 5 full time. Call or text Jeremy at 9518360532 Thanks
  5. Plotter works good and we have never had any issues with it. We closed down one of are tint shops. We are in southern california
  6. Are you still looking for a plotter? We have a 60" available from one of are shops we just closed down. Call me at 9518360532