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  1. Valiant window films is great . Great prices and fast shipping . It’s deep dyed 4th gen window film that their Sirius line . Also have a hp line that is competitively affordable as well .
  2. So I decided to make a switch for 2020 for trying a new window film brand . I run a small tinting business out of my garage tinting 4-5 a week sometimes 7-8 . I wanted a affordable film with a good reputation at the same time . I made the switch from valiant to solarfx and absolutely love it . I love the marketing tools they have in place , the apparel they offer, and how many different lines of film they have to choose from . I’m currently using the ultrafx line and have zero complaints!
  3. If your getting unto it and just starting try a place like tintclub.com or express window films for some good quality film . On tint club they offer dyed, carbon and ceramic window film lines and they come unbranded, but I can tell you where they come from lol. All good film