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  1. Thanks man. I’m not the biggest boy but that’s my plan 😉 i watched a video of Matt for TintStuff do the regular c5. Same side windows. I watched him cut the bottom edge, shrink, then cut the other edges.
  2. Thanks man I appreciate it. I was thinking 40/60 tack line just looking at it. Put less up top and more on the bottom
  3. Hey guys never done a corvette with the short back window like this. Any tips or things to looks for, from what I can see I’ll use dotrix/vinyl on the matrix probably. I have this vehicle Tuesday morning any help would’ve appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Awesome thanks guys! I’ll be tinting it today actually.
  5. Hey fellow pros. I live in a mid size town and I’ve been tinting for about 2-3 years. Now I’m mobile on the side. I learned and worked for a primo shop it is the only shop in town. I changed careers and really miss tinting in a clean shop. Pretty much I’m trying to consider opening up on my own. Shop or full mobile (shop is what i want to do most). I learned by plotting sides(unless a pattern was bad) and Handcutting back windows and shields. While being mobile I have had to teach myself handcutting the sides routinely. With a plotter I can do pretty much 3-4 fulls in a day (if I have trucks 5) I can generally do a modern truck in an hour-hour and a 15. Handcutting im at about 2-3 vehicles max. I’ve been slammed with work more than I can handle on the side. I think my town has room for competition but to be fair I respect my old place and would still highly recommend the quality they taught me but they are high. I can charge 200-220 for color stable/carbon which is priced lower and easily get customers. As long as it is not an old corvette or serious screw you car I can do about everything else in my way. I’d want to take an intermediate/advanced level course to try some of those with instructions prior to opening. Just looking for tips or advice about making sure I’m ready if that makes sense. I 100% think I am or right in the edge. My family hates tint so they are not really helpful when talking about business plans. They get stuck at “tints stupid.” Smh
  6. Hey there guys I’ve got a a customer interested in getting a Lexus rx350 done. I’m just making sure it doesn’t have a coating similar to a NX 300. If anyone has any knowledge in it I greatly appreciate it!
  7. All I did was a mobile job. 4 doors on an f250. The guy didn’t want the back window. He was happy and tipped me $40.
  8. Currently tinting a 14 High country Silverado. I’m covering the panels but some water got behind my plastic. What is the best dressing/solution for helping with the streaks?
  9. Just curious about what some of you other pros use/prefer during the summer months. Generally I use baby shampoo or a non degreasing dish soap (joy, dawn, Ajax ect.) I’ve been adding an extra ounce for side windows. 32oz with a 2oz is what I’m running may add another ounce or 2.
  10. I trimmed it off the top two or three lines and it adhered well. I had never done a cobalt and that’s my most expensive film I carry. I just didn’t want to risk it. I tinted a Acura rsx that had some dots(not as big or plentiful) and it stuck to it well.
  11. Hey! I didn’t take an after dotrix picture. In this photo it’s clean. After the film tac’d up nice I used a liner to make a pattern and trimmed out dotrix vinyl and blacked it out. I think the film would have stuck all the way up. I just didn’t wAnt to take a chance of the film peeling in the future.
  12. Thank you so much!! I was on the struggle bus on the first heat. Glad I have 4 roll ups in an avalanche tomorrow in ceramic. He doesn’t want the back glass. Easy to pop those out. Easy money still
  13. Avery Ceramic IR 15% First 2dr cobalt ever. That back window was tough. The guy wants coming dotrix so I cut it off the dots. Letting the tint dry and he’s coming back to slap it on. Only wasted 1 back window piece but those bottom edges challenged me.
  14. Hello fellow tinters! I'm curious to see if anyone has tried any of the films on the tintdepot website. They have a wide selection of films. Before going into business(side work) for myself I tinted with a shop that dealt LLumar and Formula 1. So if I use a film I want something of good quality. I'd lean toward the films with lifetime warranties on the site. If i buy from another company it'd likely be global, xpel, avery, flex, Rayno.... insert other affordable good product haha Thanks for any posts
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