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  1. i know dap has patterns now for interior ,putting the film with water applications on screens does it have a chance to get into the electrical and down the road if u wanted to take it off will it leave glue behind?
  2. Had a customer a month ago i did a full front ppf to his 911 4s and then the rest of the car had cilajet ceramic coating done to it,now he wants the rest of the car done with ppf what is the correct way to remove ceramic coating off before applying film?
  3. in using 70% alcohol and i mix it in a 32oz bottle with distilled water i put 10oz of alcohol and the rest with water is it better to use more or less alcohol mix with water?
  4. does anybody out there have the patterns for 2021 jag f type?I know with the pandemic going on dealerships been closed,plants have been on pause looks like a lot of software dont have many 2021 patterns for any brand cars yet!!!!!!!!
  5. the pattern i have for the 2019 camaro z1l bumper is a 2 piece with seems connecting on top of each sides ,besides bulking it is there any other to make that a one piece wit no seems,connecting the piece together as one?
  6. what are the different benefits between the too?Why ppf then the ceramic?
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