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  1. Slightly off topic, but is the Xpel ultimate plus still not as clear and not as glossy as the suntek ultra, or did they fix that now? How do they compare?
  2. Thanks for your input, it is always very helpful since I’ve been reading a bunch on these forums lately. Curious why you wouldn’t do either on your car and what you would choose instead? My problem is the few shops around me that carry Xpel everything charges a ton, and the other shop that carries Xpel and 3M ppf lost their ceramic tech and I’d like to get both ppf and ceramic coating done at the same time since you get the paint correction (my car is 2018 with 11k miles) before the clear bra goes on.
  3. ^two contradicting posts, confused. One says ultra is basically the same as getting ceramic coating which means just go with the regular PPF while the other says get Ultra.
  4. Hello, just wanted to see what you thought the pros and cons of going with Suntek Ultra over the regular PPF are especially considering I will be getting Ceramic Pro 9H coating and light coat over the whole car? Is the only difference between the Suntek films the hydrophobic properties and length of warranty or is clarity and durability different? If so, isn’t the hydrophobic difference a moot point if you also get ceramic coating? The cost is about 15% extra for the ultra.