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  1. Do you think a Ce6000-60 would work for a starter setup for side windows and small ppf cuts? Found one like new used for 800$
  2. I was thinking about bulking the large windows. If I do that think I could get away with a ce6000-60? A 24" plotter?
  3. I've considered it, the only thing I keep thinking is I can bulk the ppf and we don't get a huge demand for large graphics being I don't have a printer. That is all pretty new to me. I've seen people say that the suppliers will give equipment for free but not sure what it takes to get that bonus.
  4. Hey what's up everyone. I am new to the tint business other then being exposed second hand. I've decided to dive into it, but I don't want to waste money. I already do paint/restorations, vinyl, spray wraps etc. Anyways, I've decided that I want to get a plotter for tints, and plan to bulk PPF. I am moving forward with SunTek products for both. My question is model and size of the plotter. After reading alot on here, graphtec seems to be the only brand to go with so I will just do that. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks