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  1. Do I need to worry about any legal stuff like trademarking, insurance, etc.?
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I already knew to stay away from auto film. I’ve seen horror stories on this forum. Once I get a little experience, how would you suggest finding jobs? Getting out and going door to door or is there a better strategy?
  3. Would also like to add I plan on practicing on my own house windows/ close buddies to get familiar with the work before I start trying to find customers.
  4. Hey guys, I’m really new here (joined March 6th) so if this has been covered before please direct me there. I’m really interested in getting started in doing residential and commercial jobs but don’t know where to start. I’ve been tinting for a dealership now for 3 years and really enjoy my work. I’m just very curious in doing flat glass and would like to satisfy that curiosity. I have a few questions such as what my best/ most cost effective film would be to use to start with, if there’s any type of film that customers most commonly want (darkness, reflective, etc.) and what I need to do to help me get jobs. The dealership I tint for uses Llumar but I know getting a roll of that would be expensive and I don’t want to get to deep into it financially in the beginning. I’m not wanting to cheap out, I know that’s going to hurt. But since I’m ignorant in flat glass I’d like the best bang for my buck. I’m located in Northeast Mississippi if that helps any of you with answers! Thanks!