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  1. Its pretty much any car that i do and usally i find them around the middle part of the window. I will be tinting a few cars tomorrow so i will definitely take some pics when i see them tomorrow
  2. So these are the ones i most commonly use to squeegee now i had another but i seemed to miss place it and dont use it anymore what do you recommend using for best results on all windows?
  3. Good afternoon everyone i am relatively new to the tinting game been at it for about 7 months taught myself through a lot of trial and error and youtube videos. My question today is about once tint is applied and being squeegeed out i tend to see a lot of water build up and bubbles afterwards no matter how much i squeegee. What am i doing wrong or what can i do to keep that from happening i get a lot of people coming asking about those bubbles most times they go away and lay flat on their own but other times it creates pockets of air and i gotta redo the window again