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  1. Madico sells one. GT102 in tool catalog. Go to to order.
  2. Look for an architectural symbol by the dealer.
  3. I am a rep for Madico in the Southeast. The Sunscape program (which includes our ceramic architectural line) requires a $2500 purchase of film within the first two months. You do receive a protected or shared territory and must apply to become a dealer.. We look at population densities to decide how many dealers an area can sustain. There are minimum yearly sales goals, but you get a lot of benefits in the Sunscape program. If you are interested, please send me a message and I'll direct you to the right person or help you myself.
  4. Madico has great architectural (solar control, decorative, and safety) film. There is no charge or buy-in with Madico film.
  5. Madico makes a Blister Free-200 film that is specifically made to go on plexiglass. You can tint over that after it cures 1 week.