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  1. 'm looking for advice on car tint, I found a local shop that can do it for about $200 depends on what material I want to use (good, better, best). I want to do the whole car, door windows, back windshield, and the front to that little mark. I live near Pittsburgh and I drive 2017 Nissan Altima, my main concerns are the legality of it and getting my car inspected. Any other advice is definitely welcomed and appreciated! I'm aware that it's all illegal where I am, but I don't think the cops care. However I do have a heavy foot and drive faster than I should. I want 20% I think, it the darkest I think I can get away with. Anything lighter doesn't seem worth it. I read something online saying i might not be able to get my car inspected if my windows are tinted? I also recently put in channel rain guards on my car, will that damage the tint?vidmate mobdro word counter